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Four common faults and maintenance of notebook shaft

  • Time:2020-04-10
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1、 Four common problems of notebook shaft
With the falling price of notebook computer and the increasing demand of people, it is now everywhere to have a notebook computer. With the development of notebook computer, there will be some common problems, one of which is the fault of notebook axis. When it comes to spindles, perhaps few people pay attention to them. Because everyone will default it as a laptop accessories, as long as the screen can smoothly open and close it. You should know that the axis of the notebook is just like the "joint" of the notebook. Its design will not only affect the overall style and life of the notebook, but also affect the port arrangement of the notebook. Because the rotating axis of notebook is a complex and precise system, and many users are careless or have some errors in the process of using notebook, which directly and indirectly lead to the failure of the rotating axis of notebook. Although it's not troublesome to find a laptop repair shop in the city, it will waste time and money to affect the use. In addition, there are some problems in notebook maintenance industry, such as price non transparency, arbitrary charges and so on. "Ask for people rather than yourself": for some common faults of the laptop shaft, users can completely carry out preliminary diagnosis, and those with strong hands-on ability can also carry out maintenance. Let's talk about the common faults and daily maintenance of the laptop's rotating shaft.
Notebook pivot
1. Notebook shaft life failure:
For example, sms-zz-219, a notebook shaft independently developed and produced by smenche, has passed 2W swing tests with a loss rate of about 15%. I looked at the structure of the notebook shaft (the principle is to use the spring to press the rotating ring radially to contact closely with the base. That is to say, it depends on the friction force (the principle is friction force). In addition, the notebook shaft is usually made of metal materials, which may cause corrosion. In addition, the shaft will be coated with oil-based substances that play a role in lubrication. Long-term use may also lead to the lubrication effect Gradually decreasing. Loose opening of the display due to reduced friction.

2. Broken notebook shaft
Notebook shaft is often made of powder metallurgy, zinc alloy, high carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials. Different functions of the notebook shaft in the factory will go through a variety of tests, torque test is one of them. In the process of use, it is easy to break the notebook shaft due to too much force, which may cause the screen to be jammed or unable to open.

3. The fixed point of notebook shaft housing is damaged
When connecting the main machine and the display screen with the rotating shaft of the notebook, it is loose. It is often that the rotating shaft is not tightened during assembly or the fixed point of the rotating shaft shell is easily damaged due to looseness in the later stage

4. Broken screen cable in shaft
A bad design of the rotating shaft will cause the rotating shaft failure, but will not cause the normal use function of the notebook computer, and more importantly, it will cause the screen line in the rotating shaft to break, which will lead to various failures of the notebook.

For similar problems, if you know the structure of the notebook shaft, you can analyze and solve the problems by yourself. Otherwise, you can send the whole computer to the official after-sales service center of the corresponding brand, and the professional maintenance engineer will carry out the disassembly inspection and maintenance.

The application scope of notebook rotating shaft:

This is to popularize the knowledge about the structure of notebook rotating shaft. As a landmark element of notebook computer, rotating shaft is an important factor to distinguish notebook computer and tablet computer. He must be a laptop with a fixed rotating shaft, while a PC tablet two in one laptop with a detachable rotating shaft is generally promoted by Intel. And a computer without a pivot must be a tablet. As a side connecting screen and the host, the key factor that affects the user experience is the opening and closing angle of the screen. It can be said that the larger the opening and closing angle, the better the experience of the laptop. In general, the maximum opening and closing angles of the rotating shafts of notebook computers are about 130 °. When we use notebook computers, there are always many different ways to place them. At this time, if a larger opening and closing angle is needed, such a rotating shaft design will inevitably affect the user experience. Therefore, there are many laptops with an opening and closing angle of 180 ° on the market.

2、 So, how to do a good job of notebook shaft maintenance?

1. The opening mode of "gesture center" is conducive to the same stress on the left and right rotating shafts, extending the service life!

2. The opening strength of "light opening" notebook shaft is a kind of hinge with damping and self-locking function, which has a special structure inside and requires certain torque for opening and closing. Too strong force, more parts wear, damping force decay too fast, affect the service life!

3. When the screen is opened, the damping force of the shaft to be slowly damped comes from the friction of the internal parts. In the friction, a small part of the heat is generated. Therefore, the cover opening speed is slow and the temperature is effectively prevented from being too high.

4. Don't open and close continuously and frequently. It's very simple. For example, if you break a wire, you just need to fold it quickly at one point. At this time, a lot of heat will be generated. It's very hot. Keep folding, it's getting softer and softer. Finally, it's broken!

The above summarizes four kinds of faults that are most likely to occur in the process of daily use of notebook computers. It is still necessary to repeat the words at the beginning: notebook computer is a complex and precise system, and each component is very prone to faults; these faults can be large or small. In addition to a certain understanding of the structure of notebook shaft, attention should be paid to daily use and care.

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