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Small rotating shaft and great function: pucehanjins interpretation of the mystery of notebook rotating shaft

  • Time:2020-04-10
  • From:Unknown
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Archimedes once said: give me a fulcrum, I can lift the whole earth. For the notebook shaft, perhaps a small step in design can also promote the development of intelligent hardware industry. Just as the so-called small rotating shaft plays a big role, next prosehanjin will explain the secrets of notebook rotating shaft for you

When it comes to pivoting, maybe few people pay attention to it, because everyone defaults it to an irrelevant accessory on the notebook, as long as the screen can be opened and closed smoothly. In fact, the shaft is not simple. Its design will not only affect the overall style of the notebook, but also affect the port arrangement of the notebook.

The poor design of the rotating shaft will lead to the fracture of the rotating shaft, the damage of the fixed point of the shell, and the fracture of the screen cable in the rotating shaft, which will lead to various failures of the notebook. Therefore, the design of the shaft can not be ignored! Although there are various forms of the rotating shaft of the notebook, it can be divided into two types according to the basic structure: the fixed end of the rotating shaft is on the main machine, the movable part is prominent and connected with the screen, forming a protruding structure; the rotating shaft is fixed on the screen, the movable part sinks, connected with the main machine, forming a sinking structure. The biggest advantage of the raised shaft is that when it is opened, the whole screen is upward, so that the screen will not block the back of the notebook. Therefore, it is convenient to set various ports, cooling holes, etc. at the back of the notebook. From the perspective of making full use of notebook space and increasing the number of ports, it is very beneficial. At the same time, because the protuberant rotating shaft is not easy to be blocked when rotating, the screen can be opened at a larger angle, generally reaching 150-180 degrees.

Generally speaking, there is no absolute advantage or disadvantage between the raised shaft and the sinking shaft, but it depends on the specific model to decide which design to adopt. Generally, large screen notebooks, commercial notebooks and full function notebooks, considering the expansion performance and viewing comfort, tend to use a raised shaft. For netbooks, light notebooks and fashion notebooks, in order to control the thickness of the top cover of the notebook, they often use the sinking shaft.

Therefore, the function of rotating axis in notebook is particularly important. As a well-known shaft design company in Shenzhen, pushehanjin has become the leader of notebook shaft industry after more than ten years of public praise and market accumulation. Its products include a variety of spindles, its main products are led table lamp spindles, mobile phone spindles, notebook spindles and so on. Prosehanjin has become an influential notebook shaft supplier in China. And with focus and quality, promote the rapid development of intelligent hardware.

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