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Guangdong small hardware shaft manufacturer

  • Time:2020-04-10
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Why does the metal shaft vibrate?
We all know that the metal shaft is a kind of connection that can make the product rotate and twist. As we all know, there are two types of rotating shafts: one is a straight rotating shaft, the other is a damping rotating shaft, the other is a desk lamp rotating shaft, and the other is a laptop rotating shaft. According to the characteristics, the shaft can be divided into three types: axial shaft, torsional shaft and transverse shaft. The connection between the horizontal shaft and the product is very large. In the working process, the shaft sometimes vibrates. What is the cause?
The forms of vibration include synchronous vibration and subsynchronous vibration. The reason for the occurrence of synchronous vibration is that the coupling is not right, the installation is not in place, resulting in the rotor imbalance; and the subsynchronous vibration is very harmful, as a sudden subsynchronous vibration, if it occurs at high speed, it is likely to cause the shaft disconnection accident because the speed is lower than the rotor. When the shaft vibrates, it must be stopped for detection. If it is synchronous vibration, then align the coupling. If it is subsynchronous vibration, then the shaft should be replaced. If you don't understand anything, you can find a professional manufacturer for testing, replacement, etc. Small rotating shaft with large function, safe and reliable rotating shaft makes you more secure.


Founded in 2006, the company mainly produces all kinds of customized metal spindles. After years of development, Chenghao hardware has a large scale. The company has a mold development department, stamping workshop, post-processing workshop, shaft assembly workshop, equipped with nearly 100 kinds of precision production equipment. The equipment basically adopts automatic mode, with high daily production capacity. With a number of well-known enterprises to establish a good relationship of cooperation.


Hardware rotating shaft is a kind of tool that uses various principles to produce torque value.
The rotating shaft is very popular in our daily life, such as the door shaft, hinge or the cover lifting mechanism of the Walkman, or even the connection between the cover and the body of the copier.
The shaft can be divided into torsion free and torsion free
The so-called torsion free type, such as the hinge of storage box, can be opened without too much effort. The advantage is that it is easy to make; the disadvantage is that it cannot be fixed at a certain angle.
The so-called torque type can keep the moving parts at a fixed angle at any time, such as the picture of laptop and LCD, so that the user can easily adjust the most appropriate angle and keep the angle fixed for a long time.

Guangdong small hardware shaft manufacturer,
Maintenance of metal shaft bearing: in order to maintain the original performance of the imported bearing in good condition for as long as possible, it is necessary to maintain and repair the bearing to prevent it from becoming obsolete, ensure the reliability of operation, and improve consumption and economy.
Take good care of the operation specifications of the corresponding mechanical operation conditions, and stop regularly.
The contents include monitoring the operation status, supplement or change the smooth agent, and regular disassembly inspection. Maintenance items in operation include rotating sound, vibration, temperature, state of lubricant, etc. of imported bearings.
Maintenance of hardware shaft bearing: cleaning of bearing: when disassembling the lower bearing for maintenance, first record the appearance of the imported bearing, confirm the residual amount of the smoothing agent, and wash the bearing after sampling the smoothing agent for inspection. As cleaning agent, gasoline and kerosene are commonly used.


First, record the appearance of the imported bearing, confirm the residual amount of the lubricant, and wash the bearing after sampling the lubricant for inspection. As cleaning agent, gasoline and kerosene are commonly used.
The cleaning of the imported bearing removed from the hardware rotating shaft is divided into rough cleaning and fine cleaning, which are respectively placed in the container, and the metal mesh is placed at the bottom first, so that the bearing does not directly contact the dirt of the container.
During rough cleaning, if the bearing rotates with dirt, the rolling surface of the imported bearing will be damaged, so attention should be paid. In the crude cleaning oil, use the brush to remove the smooth grease and adhesive. After the oil is generally clean, turn to the fine cleaning.
Fine cleaning is to rotate the bearing in the cleaning oil and clean it carefully at the same time. In addition, cleaning oil should always be kept clean

Guangdong small hardware shaft manufacturer,
The reasonable application of the principle of hardware rotating shaft
The structural design of the metal shaft is an important process to determine the reasonable shape and the full structural size of the shaft. It is related to the type, size and orientation of the parts on the shaft, the fixing method of the parts, the nature, direction, size and distribution of the load, the type and size of the bearing, the roughcast of the shaft, the manufacturing and installation process, the device and transportation, the deformation of the shaft and other factors. The designer can design according to the specific requirements of the shaft. If necessary, several schemes can be compared to select a better design scheme. The following are the general design principles of the shaft structure:

1. The rotating shaft saves materials and weight, and tries to choose the section shape with equal strength size or large section coefficient;
2. It is easy to precisely break, locate, stabilize, install, disassemble and adjust the parts on the shaft;
3. Select various structural measures to reduce stress concentration and progressive strength;
4. The rotating shaft is easy to manufacture and ensure the accuracy.

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