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Notebook pivot

  • Time:2020-04-10
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Why are notebook spindles so popular?
The notebook pivot is a small part that can let us better experience the computer in the notebook computer, and can let the screen and keyboard assemble together to present the opening and closing of various angles. It is a very popular laptop parts, which is inseparable from its characteristics.
The rotating axis of notebook can be different in structure, shape and size according to different computers. The volume is very small, easy to carry, and the whole structure shape is very good-looking. Can be well integrated with the computer, so that the notebook computer looks very beautiful. In the use process, it is very safe and reliable, and does not produce harmful substances. It is convenient for us to use. It can be opened and closed from multiple angles according to our preferences. Very good support.
The continuous development of notebook axis, at the same time, promotes the development of notebook computers, complement each other, can more meet the consumer experience.
Notebook pivot
When the notebook is used for a long time, there will be some small problems, such as not opening and closing smoothly or making a sound when opening and closing. That is to say, adding a little lubricating oil to the notebook can help the rotating shaft rotate more smoothly and the damping is more suitable, which also reduces the grinding of the rotating shaft, The service life of the rotating shaft is improved, and the lubricating oil is generally composed of base oil and additives. The base oil is the main component of the lubricating oil, which determines that if the basic properties of the lubricating oil, the additives can make up for and improve the deficiencies in the performance of the base oil and give some new properties, It is an important part of lubricating oil. How to add lubricating oil to the rotating shaft on the notebook is described in detail below. 1. Remove the plastic cover plate on the screw and then use a screwdriver to remove the two screws on the left and right of the notebook. 2. Buckle the plastic cover plate under the screw. 3. Now the rotating shaft is in front of you, Apply proper amount of lubricating oil or grease to the junction of the shaft. There are detailed operation steps for adding sliding of the shaft. If the notebook is not opened and closed smoothly, you can operate according to the above methods. However, when disassembling the plastic cover plate of B side, please remember not to take too much effort, it is easy to damage or other problems. When applying lubricating oil, it should be appropriate.
How much do you know about the classification of notebook pivot? The rotating shaft is commonly known as hinge, hinge, etc., while the notebook rotating shaft in the usual use of computer screen opening and closing process, the most tested is the computer rotating shaft. Generally, the computer screen rotating shaft is divided into sinking rotating shaft, detachable rotating shaft, 360 degree segmented damping screen rotating shaft, 360 degree simultaneous turning screen rotating shaft, etc. According to the structure of the notebook shaft, it can be divided into: 1. The traditional gasket shaft is fixed by the gasket and the nut to produce the torque, which can achieve 135 degrees / 154 degrees / 180 degrees, 360 degrees and other turning angles. 2. The rolling shaft produces torsion through the friction between the shaft and the sheet metal. Generally, the torsion is relatively large, which is suitable for large-scale notebook screen. 3. The gear structure shaft adopts the gear structure so that the shaft can achieve 360 degree turning effect. 4. The rotating shaft with bracket structure is equipped with a bracket on the rotating shaft, which is installed on the notebook to keep the screen stable. Generally, the rotating angle is 130 degrees, 180 degrees, 360 degrees, etc.

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