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Why does the metal shaft vibrate?

  • Time:2020-04-10
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 We all know that rotating is a way to connect products, so that products can rotate and twist. As we all know, there are two types of rotating shafts: one is a straight rotating shaft, the other is a damping rotating shaft, the other is a desk lamp rotating shaft, and the other is a laptop rotating shaft. According to the characteristics, the shaft can be divided into three types: axial shaft, torsional shaft and transverse shaft. The relationship between the horizontal axis and the product is very large. In the working process, the shaft sometimes vibrates, so what's the reason for the vibration? What's the point? Many people have such questions. Today, Xiaobian will explain to you why there are synchronous vibration and subsynchronous vibration in the form of shaft vibration. The reason for the synchronous vibration is that the coupling is not right and the installation is not in place, resulting in the rotor imbalance; and the subsynchronous vibration is very harmful. As a sudden subsynchronous vibration, if it is at high speed Under the condition of speed, it is likely that the shaft will break off due to the lower speed than the rotor. Hardware shaft

When the shaft vibrates, it must be stopped for detection. If it is synchronous vibration, then align the coupling. If it is subsynchronous vibration, then the shaft should be replaced. If you don't understand anything, you can find a professional manufacturer for testing, replacement, etc. Small rotating shaft with large function, safe and reliable rotating shaft makes you more secure.

Shaft, the most common in machinery, can be used to connect a small part of the product components. The common shafts in machinery are rotating shaft, spindle, transmission shaft. The three are common mechanical shafts, but the scope of use and function are also different. Today's small edition of the shaft will give you an analysis of the differences between the shaft, spindle and transmission shaft.

1. Spindle: a kind of shaft used to support rotating parts but only to bear bending moment. The spindle can be divided into rotating mandrel and fixed mandrel, that is, some mandrel can rotate, such as the axle of railway vehicle, some mandrel can not rotate, such as the axle of pulley.

2. Transmission shaft: a kind of rotatable shaft with high speed and few supports. Before leaving the factory, it is required to carry out an action balance test, and it is adjusted on the balancing machine. The transmission form is the link between the joint and the universal joint.

3. Rotating shaft: it is a kind of shaft that can withstand bending moment and torque. It is a necessary part for connecting products. Common parts include: mobile phone rotating shaft, notebook rotating shaft, portable DVD rotating shaft, LED lamp rotating shaft, etc.

The above is the difference between rotating shaft, spindle and transmission shaft. I hope it can help you!
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