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Are there any special requirements for the use environment of notebook rotating shaft

  • Time:2020-04-01
  • From:Unknown
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Generally speaking, the notebook can be used normally in the normal environment. If it is used in a special environment, it will have a great impact on the life of its accessories and shaft. If it is used in a relatively dry ventilation environment, the shaft will rotate more smoothly and will not rust, and it can also increase its performance

In the second case, when the environment is relatively wet, the rotating shaft will not rotate smoothly or rust or other problems will occur early and cannot be used normally

The third case is used in the harsh environment, such as the place where there is a lot of dust and dust. If it is near the seaside (the air contains a large salt content), the accessories used in the rotating shaft will rust in advance and accelerate the aging of the rotating shaft of the notebook computer

From the above three kinds of notebook operating environment, it has a great impact on the rotating shaft. Under different environments, the service life of the rotating shaft and whether it is easy to open and close are closely related to the environment. Therefore, we often pay attention to the environment of using the notebook to avoid problems such as poor rotation, rust and so on!

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