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How to judge the problem of rotating shaft and the solution

  • Time:2020-04-01
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In many machines and articles, the rotating shaft is indispensable. Rotating shaft can help us a lot, but sometimes if we are not careful, it will hurt us. Then we should be able to judge the problem of the rotating shaft and solve it
First, listen.
If the axle is in good condition, it will make a low whine. If there is a sharp hiss, squeak and other irregular sounds, it usually means that the shaft is in poor operation. Sharp squeaks may be caused by improper lubrication. Improper bearing clearance can also cause metal noise. Dents in the outer race track of the axle cause vibration and a smooth, crisp sound. If the knock mark caused by the installation will also produce noise, the noise will vary with the speed of the shaft. If there is intermittent noise, the rolling element may be damaged. This noise occurs when the damaged surface is rolled, if there is any pollutant in the bearing, it will often cause hissing. Serious axle damage can produce irregular and loud noise. The shaft damage can be detected by hearing, but usually the bearing must be replaced immediately when it has arrived. Therefore, a better method, for example, using an electronic condition monitoring instrument, can diagnose the operation of the rotating shaft in advance. Compared with the old method (using a stick or screwdriver on the shaft box and the other end against the ear), the advanced instrument can estimate the wheel axle condition more accurately.
2、 Grease lubrication
Relubrication of the rotating shaft should be carried out during the planned equipment shutdown period and supplemented regularly. At the same time, remove the old grease or remove the old grease agent through the drain plug. Wipe the nozzle before adding new oil. If there is no equipment for the oil nozzle in the rotating axle box, the axle box cover or end cover shall be opened to remove the old grease, and then the same fresh grease shall be added.
3、 Oil lubrication
When checking the oil level of the shaft, make sure that the type of oil used is correct and that the air hole of the oil level indicator is blocked. Take a small amount of oil as a sample and compare it with fresh oil. If the sample looks like a cloud, it may be the result of mixing with water and should be replaced.  If the sample is darkened or thickened, it may indicate that the oil is beginning to carbonize. The old oil should be replaced completely, if possible, use fresh oil to wash the bearing. When changing the oil, make sure that the type of oil to be changed must be the same and replenish to the required oil level. There is a more reliable way to determine the condition of the oil, which is to analyze the sample. If the oil is contaminated, the oil seal should be replaced or the lubricator should be considered. Using the oil bath type lubricating system, if the operating temperature is not more than 50-60 ℃, and the oil is not polluted, the oil can be changed once a year. If the operating temperature is 100 ℃, change the oil 4 times a year; if the operating temperature is 120 ℃, change the oil once a month; if the operating temperature is 130 ℃, change the oil once a week. Correct installation and maintenance is an important factor to give full play to the axle's longest service life. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the cleanliness of the shaft, the correctness of selection and the selection of appropriate installation and maintenance tools.  The wheel axle must be protected from contamination and moisture, and must be correctly installed and lubricated. The design of the shaft alignment, the condition of the oil seal, the type and period of the lubricant, and even the special maintenance all play the same important role.

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