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What is shaft torque?

  • Time:2020-04-01
  • From:Unknown
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 The rotating shaft is the shaft connecting the product to bear the bending moment and the torque; the torque refers to the force that causes the object to deform by twisting the object. The rotation force produced by the torsion meter applied on the shaft or the rotating arm; the length of the arm x the friction force is the torque value.
The shaft can be divided into torsion free type and torsion type:
The so-called torsion free type, such as the hinge of the storage box, can be opened without too much effort. The advantages are simple fabrication and the disadvantages are that it cannot be fixed at a certain angle.
The so-called torque type can make the movable frame fixed at a certain angle at any time, such as laptop and display screen, so that the user can easily adjust the appropriate angle, and can keep the angle fixed for a long time.

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